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Scrappy Tote Bag

Book: $8.95
Kit: $23.00

Description: This roomy tote is quick to make as you begin with pre-quilted muslin. The scraps in our kit is a charm pack grouping. How much cuter and easier can you get. This would be a great project to start making totes, if you are new to bag construction. The bag is 14" x 15" x 4". Fabric kits are exactly like the tote pictured.

Button on Banners


Pattern:  $7.99
Cost per kit:

Quilt Banner Base:  $19.99
Quilt Banner Tops:  $12.99

Description:   Pattern is for a 20" by 56" quilt with interchangeable tops. 
This banner is so much fun to have!  You make one base, then the tops interchange.
Great for people who love to decorate the seasons as all you have to do is switch
out the tops and you have a whole new look.  Hang it in the hallway, on a door,
in a narrow section of any room.  They are also fun to do as a gift.
Fabric kits look like the photo.

City Bag

Pattern: $7.99
Cost per kit:  $21.99
Description:  A roomy bag for bopping about town!  Large enough to hold your laptop,
spacious enough for all your essentials.  Great for school, work, or play.  Fabric kits available in beautiful
oriental options. Finished size:  12"x15"x 3 1/2".


Pattern: $10.99
Cost per kit:  $74.99


Finished Size: 61"x73". Annie showcases the magic of a beautiful theme print and the simplicity of strip piecing. What makes the elements flow in this quilt is the choice of a solid fabric the same color as the background in the theme print. Smaller prints in the strips add pattern, color, and interest in the design. Make one for your very own! Fabric kits are like the quilt pictured.


Pattern: $14.00 (includes template)
Cost per kit: $88.99


A fun quilt to make in any combination of lights and darks, even all neutrals! Vary the contrast of the blocks for interesting results. Leftover Kaleido-triangles create the pieced border. Quilt displayed is lap ( 65 1/4" x 73 3/4"), but the pattern also has fabric requirements for a queen. Two color way kits are at the store, one like the quilt displayed and one in blues. Or you can ask us to make you a kit in the color way of your choice!