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Table Time Topper

Pattern:  $ 6.99
Cost per kit: $ 15.99
Description: This 20 1/2" x 23" table topper by Jaybird quilts is stunning and is actually quite easy. Using the new Sidekick ruler, the pattern explains how to piece the blocks together with perfect points. Fabric kits are exactly like the quilt pictured.

Pockets a Plenty

Pattern:  $8.00
Cost per kit: $28.99

Description: This 13" x 15" x 4" tote has 11+ pockets!  What a fun new purse project to either give away or keep for yourself.

Fabric kits are like the tote pictured.  Pick one up today!


Season of Migration

Pattern:  $8.00
Cost per kit: $70.00
Description:  This 52" x 68" quilt is on of This and That's newer patterns.
The quilt is shown with flannel in the Moda line called "Migration". 
However, any panel or feature fabric would look great in the centers.
This is a great cuddly quilt for cold nights.
A little bit of fusible work is in the borders.
Fabric kits available like photo.

 Gordon's Creek Tablerunner

Pattern:  $ 8.00
Cost per kit:  $ 22.99
Description:  Using the Easy Angle and the Companion Angles make
this table runner quite easy to make. While the table runner is pictured here,
the pattern also includes a quilt; only the size of the triangles changes between
the two.  Fabric kits look like the photo.

 Seasonal Highlights Tablerunner

Pattern:  $ 8.99
Cost per kit:  $ 21.99
Table runner dimensions are 21.5" x 57.5".  Here is a fun and fast table runner sure
to please.  Choose a focus fabric and 3 complimentary fabrics and you're set to go.
Fabric kits like the photo and various seasonal options are available.


Pattern:  $ 7.00
Cost per kit:  $32.99
This 41" x 49" quilt is a great way to use a large feature fabric. Our quilt is in flannel and the fabric kits available are exactly as the quilt pictured. Great for a new baby or for cuddling up on the sofa, you are bound to get this quilt done in no time at all!

 Carry All Tote

Pattern:  $ 8.99
Cost per kit:  $43.99  As varied as the day is long...We base our kits on the chenille available!

This 19" x 14 1/2" x 5" is so popular, we are making new kits every week.  One customer had a buyer
at Nordstrom's ask her what kind of purse it was because she wanted to start carrying it.  A great tote that
holds everything and are just plain fun to make.