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Monster Quilt

Months:  10

Cost per block:  Months 1-9 is $12.99 per month.
Month 10 is the border kit and is $49.99
Description: This quilt is a must have especially if
you have children in your life!  You will love all nine
of the little fusible monsters from Mister Bones to the
Green Machine.  This quilt runs for 10 months.  The text
around the outside of the block reads, “Big scary monsters
live under the bed – and every night they must be fed.
They love to eat fabric – it’s their favorite food – it puts
them in the very best mood!  So the lesson
is clear – consider your plight – Keep buying
more fabric… or be dinner tonight!”

Christmas Throughout the Year

Months:  12
Cost per block:  $10.00  
Description: This quilt shows Santa in various monthly scenes.
The blocks are 16 1/2" square and will make a lap quilt sized 64"x84". 
This quilt can be made larger with borders.

Bird Houses and Homes    
Cost per block:  $6.00 per month with a Finishing kit available at the end of the year

Description:  This block of the month begins February 1 and depicts bird's housing in nature.
As usual, all fabric kits include floss, batting (to hide stitches), fabric, and pattern.  The floss being used this time
is a brownish green.  Sample as available will be hanging in the store.